MODULE 1 – Quick Overview (Section 3 – Socialization)

Providing Opportunities for Kids to Safely Socialize

What Howard County Homeschooling is known for; this is how we come together as a Cooperative. Social events include themed holiday parties, arts n’ craft workshops and playground play dates. All are welcomed to join!

GROUP FIELD TRIPS – We sometimes charter buses for long distance destinations to Annapolis, Baltimore and the District of Columbia. We visit historic locations, museums and local college campuses. A list of field trips and social events can be found on our Meetup social calendar.

IN-PERSON CLASSES – We’ve made the necessary changes to keep our students and teachers safe with classes that adhere to CDC guidelines. Classes are held outdoors and are kept small with a maximum of 8-12 students. Temperatures are taken at the top of each class and masks are required when social distancing cannot be maintained. This gives students a chance to meet on a weekly basis in a safe environment to learn and build rapport with classmates.

THE BALANCED METHOD – It’s delivered online with LIVE interaction from a teacher taking place once a week over the course of a 30-week school year. We also offer in-person classes that are held outdoors and instruct a small pod of students (max 8) because we want to stimulate the minds, hearts and souls of our students. We want to take them to places that bring their studies to life using the Charlotte Mason Method. It is a pedagogy that we purposefully use and have infused into the curriculum.

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SECTION 1.3.0 – Socialization

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