MODULE 1 – Quick Overview (Section 4 – Secular vs Faith-Based)

Default Secular Curriculum

The secular curriculum provided to co-op students during Day School offers faith-neutral and non-religious lesson plans, worksheets, and project-based assignments. There’s zero indoctrination present in course materials. No study of CRT or any other controversial subject matter is ever presented. Educational materials used by our instructors are state approved and considered as enrichment and supplemental. Fifty percent (50%) of instruction occurs in-person at our Kings Contrivance facility and other, local, satellite locations throughout Howard County, Maryland.

Christian Faith-Based Option

In comparison, this is a more stringent and regimented path. It offers dual-enrollment for juniors and seniors in high school, who are looking to enroll in AP classes and earn college credits. While still in high school, students can earn an Associates Degree. When selecting this path, you have the following requirements:

  1. Placement Testing (Math & Science)
  2. School Transcripts
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