MODULE 1 – Quick Overview (Section 4 – Secular vs Faith-Based)

Charting a Successful Path to Homeschooling

When you start homeschooling, you need to know your destination and chart a course for getting there. Discover how to start your year off on a path that works for you and your child!

SECULAR CURRICULUM – This is a very relaxed, flexible, move like water, go with the flow path. No grading. No testing. No pressure.

FAITH-BASED CURRICULUM – In comparison, this is a more stringent and regimented path. It offers dual-enrollment for juniors and seniors in high school, who are looking to enroll in AP classes and earn college credits. While still in high school, students can earn an Associates Degree. When selecting this path, you have the following requirements:

(1) Placement Testing (Math, Science)

(2) School Transcripts

BOTH OPTIONS – Offer (1) accountability, (2) socialization, and (3) certified curriculum. Teachers assign written and project-based coursework, may implement deadlines, and expect progress from their students. Parents have the freedom and flexibility to mix n’ match secular and faith-based courses.

NOTE: Faith-based courses are taught from a Christian perspective.

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SECTION 1.1.0 – Quick Overview

SECTION 1.2.0 – School Handbook

SECTION 1.3.0 – Socialization

SECTION 1.4.0 – Secular vs Faith-Based

SECTION 1.5.0 – Certified Curriculum

SECTION 1.6.0 – Umbrella Group

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