MODULE 1 – Quick Overview (Section 5 – Certified Curriculum)

What’s the difference if my child gets online courses for free?

That’s a good question. To cut to the chase, we’ve listed a few reasons why it’s advantageous to invest in your child’s home education.

CURRICULUM – You’ll spend money regardless. More than likely, one of your first purchases will be your child’s learning material. Instead of searching online, we’ve done the work for you. Our curriculum is certified and meets state requirements.

ASYNCHRONOUS – Most online learning programs such as K-12, offer little more than asynchronous learning. There is no LIVE interaction with a teacher and the entire instruction consists of “canned” material. Using as an example, they offer a more “robust” learning experience through their private academy where you incur a cost.

LIVE TEACHERS – HCHC teachers meet with your child every week to assign coursework and review your child’s progress. They are local and accessible and can be reached for direct conversation during their set virtual office hours.

FIELD TRIPS – Inquire if your public or private school is including field trips in their program. Again, HCHC offers group outings with a regularity to provide safe socialization.

PARENTAL SUPPORT – Meetup group members can RSVP for workshops and meetups for parents that give give support, guidance and resources including:

(1) Preparing for your Portfolio Review

(2) Homeschooling and the Working Parent

(3) How to Notify your Intent to Homeschool

COMMUNITY – We aim to build and maintain a safe and relaxed environment for our members, where they can find satisfaction in their decision to homeschool, supported and uplifted by a community of like-minded families who commune and connect on a regular basis.

A LA CARTE – You can pick and choose (mix n’ match) your child’s courses. As a homeschooling parent, it’s assumed you’ll dedicate time towards teaching your child, especially during their grammar school years. Enroll your child in classes you’re unable (or unwilling) to teach.

SMALL ONLINE CLASSES – Unlike public schools, we don’t have 20-30 kids to teach at a time. Using the ZOOM platform we continue to limit class sizes to 8 students maximum. This helps them to maintain their focus and stay engaged.

IN-PERSON CLASSES – If you want more than online courses, we have real-life classes held outdoors throughout Howard County, MD and surrounding areas. CDC guidelines, including mask wearing and social distancing, are enforced.

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