MODULE 2 – How HCHC Works (Section 3 – Our Philosophy)

We Want Students to Thrive and Excel at their Natural Talents

Revert to the Handbook for more detailed information regarding our philosophies and methodologies, including our Honor Code and Anti-Bully Initiative. No matter your style, we’re here to support your educational goals.

MEDIA POLICY – Parents can elect to not have their child’s image displayed in promotional material.

PARENT INVOLVEMENT – HCHC promotes the winning triad of student, parent, teacher. Together with commitment and communication, we remain focused on supporting students and their parents.

PHILANTHROPY – We encourage philanthropy and a sense of civic duty among students; acknowledging their stewardship of the earth and understanding the importance of protecting the environment.

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SECTION 2.1.0 – Secular Path

SECTION 2.2.0 – Faith-Based Path

SECTION 2.3.0 – Our Philosophy

SECTION 2.4.0 – Discounts

SECTION 2.5.0 – Tuition

SECTION 2.6.0 – Application

HCHC Leadership Academy