MODULE 3 – Become A Teacher (Section 2 – Requirements)

Teacher Expectations

Excellence is our motto and it begins with you. Teachers are leaders who set an example and make a lasting impression on students.

PIERCINGS & TATTOOS: Thanks to teachers who help us maintain a wholesome environment by removing excessive piercings and covering tattoos.

SPIRIT WEAR: Faculty are expected to wear Ambassador tees while instructing. Visit our Etsy Shop or Facebook Store to order additional shirts.

BACKGROUND CHECK: Teachers must submit to a background check before interacting with students. Pay $25 to have a report pulled, or submit your own.

SECTION 3.1.0 – Teacher Portal

SECTION 3.3.0 – Mask Policy

SECTION 3.4.0 – Where We Meet

SECTION 3.5.0 – Communication

SECTION 3.6.0 – Recruitment

SECTION 3.7.0 – Substitute Policy

SECTION 3.8.0 – Rituals, Policies & Protocols

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