MODULE 3 – Become A Teacher (Section 4 – Curriculum)

Learning Through Play

HCHC adheres to several methodologies of learning. However, our main pedagogy endorses the ideology that students learn best through play in a relaxed, nature-based, environment.

We also utilize curriculum provided by Khan Academy, Calvert Education, and Thimble, in addition to utilizing platforms such as Pear Deck and Kahoot. Attend training workshops to adjust your approach and delivery of course materials.

As an adult, Albert Einstein remembered a pivotal event in his life that inspired his interest in scientific discovery. He was four or five years old and stuck in bed with a childhood illness when his father handed him a magnetic pocket compass to play with. He spent hours twisting the compass, wondering how the needle always knew to point north. The book Internet Invention: From Literacy to Electracy, quotes Albert Einstein on how playing with that compass inspired his love of science.

Play is far more powerful than most parents realize. It’s actually the key to learning. Researchers across the world find that play helps to enrich learning and develops skills such as inquiry, expression, experimentation, and teamwork. Children learn by comparing physical experiences, by interactions with others, and through their feelings. Children learn through their imagination and play is what pulls together the logical and creative parts of the brain. So remember to add an aspect of play in your lesson plans.

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