MODULE 3 – Become A Teacher (Section 4 – Curriculum)

Instructors Wanted to Teach Secular Courses

We offer parents 2 options, but only offer you one because we’re looking for teachers to instruct faith-neutral and non-religious, secular courses only.

Utilize Khan Academy, Thimble and podcast lessons from The Walking Classroom series to bring your subject matter to life. Attend training workshops and seminars to improve your approach and delivery of course material.

RELAXED ENVIRONMENT – There’s no grading. There’s no testing. The “job” description is organizing and delivering a comprehensive secular curriculum, hosting a weekly 60-minute class online, and providing feedback to parents and admin.

LIBERTY UNIVERSITY – It’s a turn-key solution for our college preparatory division. Faith-based courses are taught by Liberty University instructors. While you will not teach courses through a Christian-lens perspective, as a school ambassador we suggest that you’re well-informed about the faith-based program to intelligently speak of it when asked.

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SECTION 3.5.0 – Communication

SECTION 3.6.0 – Recruitment