MODULE 3 – Become A Teacher (Section 5 – Communication)

Unsure What to Do – Wondering What’s Next?

If you’re uncertain about where you are in the process, CLICK HERE for the Teacher Checklist. Reach out, email, send a text, ask the question.

HANDOUTS – Your handout is meant to provide detailed information regarding your weekly lesson plan so parents can follow along.

TEACHER MEETINGS – Until further notice, teacher meetings will be scheduled as needed. Access meetings via Zoom using Meeting ID: 816 991 0072

REQUISITEDownload Student Pledge for students and parents to sign on the first day of class. Engage students in a Socratic discussion to gauge their experience with bullying.

SECTION 3.1.0 – Teacher Portal

SECTION 3.2.0 – Your Students

SECTION 3.3.0 – Mask Policy

SECTION 3.4.0 – Where We Meet

SECTION 3.6.0 – Recruitment

SECTION 3.7.0 – Substitute Policy

SECTION 3.8.0 – Rituals, Policies & Protocols

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