MODULE 2 – Become A Teacher (Section 8 – Rituals, Policies & Protocols)


Hand Washing Regimen

To combat the COVID virus, we’re combining hand washing with mask wearing and making hand sanitizer readily available. We want to ingrain these habits in our co-op students.

BATHROOM BREAK: Teachers instructing morning classes will need to incorporate an orderly bathroom break into their class schedule. Allow students 5-10 minutes to wash their hands prior to dismissal.


Anti-Bully Policy

We take bullying very seriously In fact, it’s the only act that is grounds for expulsion from the Academy.

HANDBOOK: On page 13, you can read more about our Anti-Bully Policy. Students are encouraged to discuss their views on bullying during their 1st day of classes prior to signing the Student Pledge. Parents are encouraged to review and sign the pledge along with their children.

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