Fall session begins Wednesday, Sept. 12 thru Nov. 2


Meets Weekly | 10  – 10:45AM | Fridays
AGES: 5-12
Class is led by instructor, Rayna Remondini.
In each class, children learn the language using a Castilian dialect. By relating the grammar and syntax to students’ native tongue, the instructor teaches in English instead of using the full immersion approach.


Meets Weekly | 11  – 11:45AM | Fridays
AGES: 4-7
Class is led by instructor, Rayna Remondini.
Weather permitting, students find inspiration in nature as they create artwork inspired by Pablo Picasso. Using several mediums throughout the semester to include watercolors and home-made oil paints, students learn the art techniques and the history of this masterful artist. Additional $30 class material fee.


Meets Weekly | 11  – 11:45AM  | Wednesdays
AGES: 7-12
Class is led by instructor, Rayna Remondini.
Our goal is to teach students basic tools and strategies to start, manage, and grow a successful kid business. During the 45-minute class, students are taught easy-to-understand principles. We outline techniques that aid a child’s ability to understand entrepreneurship.