ACADEMICS | Sprout Program

Students ages 4 to 7 years old are immersed in a child-led, nature-based, learning environment. Our “free range” approach enables Sprouts to explore their curiosities and interests through child-led play and a Montessori-style hands-off approach. RESERVE your child’s seat today.


Classes build basic soccer techniques (dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting) and develop a sense of confidence on the field. Spring classes available.

  • Physical Play
  • Onlooker Play
  • Team Sports


Students develop and practice pre-reading behaviors, develop familiarity and/or mastery of the alphabet, and understand basic print features. Students practice name writing and writing to share information.

  • Academic Learning
  • Cooperative Play


1-on-1 sessions help students improve communication skills. A focus is placed on improving speech muscles through special exercises. Speech exercises involve repeating sounds and imitating the speech therapist. The therapist can assess and treat communication problems and speech disorders using therapy techniques.

  • Therapy
  • Academic


Purposeful play in nature-based environments using approved state curriculum created by education experts. Experience the magic of Tinkergarten, brought to life by an expert Leader. Enjoy a social learning experience in an inspiring natural setting.


  • Pretend Play
  • Messy Play
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