Frequently Asked Questions

No. Contrary to our name, we welcome families from all counties, including Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Charles, Frederick, Harford, Kent, Montgomery, Prince Georges, Queen Anne's, and Talbot.
Yes, HCHC offers academic classes you don't want (or aren't able) to teach your child, such as higher levels of math and science, equestrian, fencing, instrumental lessons, and foreign language study.
We're not here to replace the public school system. We offer support and a sense of community for families who want the services and resources we offer, which include: (1) group classes and socialization, (2) regularly scheduled group field trips, (3) curriculum and educational resources, (4) informative parent workshops and podcasts, and (5) legal support to keep families in state compliance.
We schedule several group field trips throughout the year to landmark and historical sites in Baltimore, Annapolis, and the Washington, D.C. area. We balance-out the virtual school experience with a Charlotte Mason, real-world approach.
Students meet with their online teacher once a week to remit and review class assignments. They are held accountable for the work the instructor presumes they are doing throughout the week. We encourage students to study a minimum of 20 minutes a day for each subject matter.
Lower School classrooms provide hands-on, playful, child-led learning experiences where students are encouraged to roam outdoors and are permitted to move freely within classrooms. Upper School students are guided by Socratic discussion where certified teachers instruct to each student's individual level of development.
Our certified tutors and instructors supplement courses with curriculum from platforms such as Khan Academy, Education.com, Pear Deck and Kahoot.it (among others).
We typically follow the HCPSS calendar for holiday closings, but notify parents of closures based on inclement weather by 6AM via emergency notifications posted to our Facebook, Meetup and Twitter platforms. SEE: HCPSS Calendar
Yes! Our teachers are certified instructors/tutors and have been thoroughly vetted. Some of our secular courses are taught by parent-teachers who are/were former public and private school teachers. Others are professionals with in-depth knowledge of the subject they teach.
Yes! Teachers interact with students online (or in-person) once a week to follow-up on their progress, review assignments, and catch up on missed work. Teachers also offer virtual office hours to parents who wish to conference.
(1) Click here to pay online, (2) Click here to pay via Eventbrite, or (3) for tuition in excess of $500, inquire at admissions@hchomeschooling.org
Our in-person classes are held at satellite locations, including local farms. Day School is operated out of New Hope Lutheran Church located at 8575 Guilford Road in Columbia, MD 21046 (Kings Contrivance).
The majority of our students are ages 6 to 14 years old, but we provide instruction for K-12, including college prep courses and dual-enrollment for high school students. Transcripts, state recognized HS diploma and college credit are provided to graduates.
For our secular online classes, class size matters because it lessens distractions and behavioral problems. The fewer the number of participants, the greater the opportunity for a teacher to engage and spend quality time with each student.
Yes, HCHC's Leadership Academy is registered with the MSDE to supervise home instruction. We're an approved Maryland Umbrella Group that provides virtual and annual reviews throughout the state of Maryland. SEE: https://bit.ly/2YIMJRM
A deposit made to reserve your child's seat is non-refundable. Partial refunds of tuition are given up until the 3rd week of classes. There are no refunds or pro-rations made for missed classes.
Parents are expected to drop-off children ages 5+ and remain with students ages 2-4 years old. If you're unable to stay on campus with your child(ren), you may remit an opt-out fee.
Weather permitting, students can elect to eat their bag lunch outdoors during the lunch/recess hour. A playground is NOT available. However, children have access to play equipment, such as sports balls, frisbees, and racing sacks.
Click here to view the company we use to prepare students for standardized testing. Click here to view the testing schedule for the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS).
Yes, we're both a cooperative AND a tutorial. HCHC supplements what's taught in the home by providing enrichment classes taught in an in-person, classroom setting led by certified instructors. Students benefit from structure and having a school-like setting off-set by child-led play in nature-based environments. As a traditional co-op, we expect parents to volunteer 2-weeks out of each semester.
As a traditional co-op, we require parents volunteer a minimum of 2-weeks each semester. We're able to keep tuition affordable by augmenting our hired staff with active participation from parents. If you're unable to volunteer your time, you may pay an opt-out fee.
HCHC respects your privacy. We do not ask for, nor do we require medical history nor immunization/vaccine records.
Yes! You can join the Umbrella group without having to enroll in enrichment courses at the cooperative and visa versa.
No, we do not require that families sign a Statement of Faith.
An Umbrella Group is an organization recognized by the State of Maryland that provides oversight for home education. Completing portfolio reviews conducted by an Umbrella Group satisfies the Maryland State requirement for regular, and thorough instruction, as stated in COMAR 13.10.01.
Yes, click here to sign up for available courses.
It means you can enroll your child at any point during the school year at a pro-rated price, withstanding there are seats available.
Day School commences at 11:00am every Thursday beginning September 2, 2021 and January 27, 2022. Parents are encouraged to drop-off by 10:45am and pick-up no later than 2:15pm. Parents who arrive after 2:30pm incur a late fee.
Yes and No. While Day School provides structure by offering regularly scheduled enrichment classes, our approach to teaching is relaxed and playful in the classroom.
Yes and No. Homework and project-based assignments are issued (via Teach N' Go) at the discretion of the teacher.
Teach N' Go is the platform you use to access your child's school information, including homework assignments and behavior records.
100% of our in-person, Day School staff is vaccinated. We cannot account for online instructors and staff at satellite locations.
HCHC Leadership Academy