Frequently Asked Questions

No. Contrary to our name, we welcome families from all counties, including Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Montgomery and Prince Georges.
Yes, HCHC teaches academic classes you don't want (or aren't able) to teach your child, such as higher level math and science, equestrian, fencing and foreign language courses.
In addition to offering online courses, we also offer: (1) Hands-on, in-person classes, (2) Regularly scheduled group field trips, (3) Educational resources and parent workshops, and (4) Legal support to keep families in compliance with state law.
The faith-based curriculum is part of the college preparatory and offers a dual enrollment program for juniors and seniors in high school. The curriculum is backed by Liberty University and students have the opportunity to earn both college credits and an Associates Degree. An official HS diploma is issued to graduates and students are invited to attend a cap and gown ceremony at their Northern Virginia campus. The secular curriculum is faith-neutral and non-religious with an emphasis on outdoor learning. It infuses various methodologies including Charlotte Mason, Montessori and Waldorf. Most classes are child-led and encourage students to gravitate towards their interests.
Faith-based studies call for one (1) hour of study on a daily basis for each subject matter. We recommend the same amount of study time for secular courses.
Our program covers professional, high school athletes. If your child wishes to compete in an NCAA sport in college, all Enhanced Online Courses and Dual Enrollment Courses are approved by the NCAA for Division I athletic program participation.
Yes! If there's interest (and a modicum of 4 students), we can hold Walking Classrooms at any outdoor location in any county.
Yes! If there's interest (and a modicum of 4 students), we can hold Walking Classrooms at any outdoor location in any county.
Yes! Our teachers are certified professionals and have been thoroughly vetted. Some of our secular courses are taught by parent-teachers who are/were former public school teachers/professionals in the subject they teach.
Yes! Teachers interact LIVE with students once a week for 60 minutes over the ZOOM platform to follow-up on each student's progress, to review assignments, to catch up on missed work and correct tests (if applicable).
Yes! We have a variety of in-person classes held outdoors at local parks and farms. You can request the complete course listings by contacting admissions@hchomeschooling.org
Our in-person classes are held at local parks and farms. When parents form a pod of 4 to 8 students in a specific area, we can accommodate the formation of a class.
Placement tests are administered online to students enrolling in the faith-based program. Students may be required to take a 60-minute diagnostic test to gauge reading, writing, speaking, listening, and mathematics skills to ensure that they are placed in the appropriate, grade-level course.
For our secular online classes (presented via the ZOOM platform), class size matters because it lessens distractions and behavioral problems. The fewer the number of participants, the greater the opportunity for a teacher to engage and spend quality time with each student.
An umbrella group is an alternative school that supervises the instruction of children who are homeschooled, in order to fulfill educational and state law requirements. (SEE: COMAR)