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Welcome everybody! I’m so excited to have you on the line tonight. This is Rayna Remondini with Howard County Homeschooling and I’m excited to share all the information about enrollment. And without further ado, I think we should go ahead and get started.

So, what we’re talking about tonight is going to be in reference to the 2019-2020 school year. The question that I get asked most frequently is, “What’s the difference between co-op and Meetup membership?” If I were to do the bottom line and just give it a one-sentence answer, I would say, “Co-op membership is equivalent to wholesale pricing, where Meetup membership is retail.” And what I mean by that is that for a co-op member, they pay $10/per class, where a Meetup member is paying $14.99.

Co-op members pay a $55 administrative fee, which is charged per family. And that’s charged every semester, including summer session. So, for the spring and for the fall and for the summer, $55 administrative fee also gets them the benefits of having sibling discounts. And in addition to that, they have discounts for social events. And these are more so like pertaining to our science fair, spelling bees. But at the same time, both memberships receive the benefits of having field trips, and enjoying group social events as well as attending co-op classes.

Okay, well let’s move on. I’m going to take you guys over to the website. Okay. So now that we’re at the website, let’s take a look at membership and what that looks like online. So you’re just going to come over here to the Membership header, and that’s going to give you a drop-down of either co-op or Meetup. And now that you know the difference between the two (2), if you choose co-op membership, that’s going to take you to a screen that looks like this. Which we finished. It had 7 questions. It takes you less than 2 minutes to do it. But the most important thing is to hit the FINISH button. When you hit this ‘Finish’ button, that’s going to take you to a page that offer the Early Bird Discount. Now this is only good until May 31st. It ends May 31st, which is right around the corner. So, if you want to take advantage of this, you want to make sure that you go ahead and sign your child up now.

Click Here – Meetup membership, and that will take you to a page that looks like this. And here at the Meetup platform, if you’re familiar with it, you know that you can get all the information about our field trips.

Any questions?

We’d just like to say that we appreciate your feedback. We appreciate your reviews and we appreciate your patronage. If you have found value, and continue to find value in or co-op, please head over to your social media account and let Facebook know. Tell us on our page. Give us a review. Give us a recommendation. Tell us what we’re doing right, (and if you want to), send an email to: rayna@hchomeschooling.org and tell us what we can improve on. Thank you so much for your time. We appreciate you and until next time… have a great day!

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