MODULE 1 – Quick Overview (Section 3 – Umbrella Group)

Ever consider taking your child out of public or private school? Well, here’s the simple process on how to do that.

While some families homeschool “autonomously,” choosing and implementing their own curriculum and carefully meeting the requirements of their state’s homeschool law, other families prefer the additional support offered by homeschool umbrella schools. 

With Umbrella Schools: 

  • Students are legally considered private school students
  • Parents choose and implement their own curriculum
  • Families have access to field trips and enrichments
  • Umbrella schools assess students’ progress
  • Umbrella schools conduct recordkeeping
  • Enrollment is typically inexpensive

$55.00 Lower School (K – 3rd) CLICK HERE
$55.00 Upper School (4th – 6th) CLICK HERE
$55.00 Middle School (7th – 8th) CLICK HERE

Forms have pre-printed information (Option B).

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