MODULE 1 – Quick Overview (Section 6 – Umbrella Group)

Ever consider taking your child out of public or private school? Well, here’s the simple process on how to do that.

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Submit your official Notice of Intent to Homeschool Form to your local superintendent 15 days before you start homeschooling your child(ren). Forms below have our pre-printed information when you select Option B.

Anne Arundel County Form

Baltimore County Form

Charles County Form

Frederick County Form

Harford County Form

Howard County Form* – (Email child’s name and DOB to

Montgomery County Form

Prince Georges County Form

Talbot County Form

Type information below for Option B. Send a copy to

UMBRELLA GROUP c/o HCHC Leadership Academy at 8575 Guilford Road Columbia, MD 21046

Below are several options to legally homeschool in the State of Maryland.


Home Instruction Portfolio Review Form

You must provide regular, thorough instruction in the required subjects. This instruction must be “of sufficient duration” to implement your instructional program. You must maintain a portfolio of your educational materials. This should include instructional materials and reading materials, as well as examples of your child’s writing, worksheets, workbooks, creative materials, and tests.

The local superintendent can review your portfolio at a mutually agreeable time and place. He or she can do this only three times a year. In practice, this usually happens once or twice a year. HCHC recommends that you do not bring your child(en). Some school staff may believe they have the right to see your child, but any such right was abolished when the home instruction regulations were changed in 2019.

If the superintendent reviews your portfolio and determines that your child is not being educated in accordance with the regulations, he or she must notify you of these deficiencies in your program. You will have 30 days to provide evidence that you have corrected these deficiencies—otherwise the superintendent may tell you to stop homeschooling.

OPTION 2 – Church Umbrella

This is a school or institution that offers an educational program operated by a bonafide church organization. Church umbrella programs provide some level of supervision of and support for the home instruction of their members. Most umbrella programs charge a fee. Generally speaking, the more services an umbrella provides, the higher the fee it charges.

The church umbrella must supervise the instruction with:

  • pre-enrollment conferences,
  • textbooks and lesson plan review, and
  • periodic conferences with parents

OPTION 3 – State-Approved Umbrella

State-approved school umbrellas assign a school-based teacher to assist you in your home instruction program to issue progress reports, mark papers, and grade tests. You must annually verify with HCHC that you plan to continue homeschooling. You must also notify us if you intend to move, stop homeschooling, or wish to switch to another homeschooling option. HCHC will provide various types of information to the local superintendent based on these communications.

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