Pen Pal FAQ

Do I need to wait to receive the mailing list?

Yes, you’ll need to wait 3-14 days for the mailing list before sending your pen pal correspondence. You can expect to receive this list by email before or on the deadline listed in the Meetup/Facebook post. While you wait to receive the list, feel free to download associated worksheets and activities to spark ideas.

Is the Pen Pal Program safe?

Everyone’s comfort level is different. If you’d like to join the program but don’t want to share your home address, you can use a work address or PO Box. Your mailing address is sent to members and non-members who have also supplied their mailing addresses. This information is privately held by HCHC and is never sold to third parties.

If you’re uncomfortable with sharing your home address and cannot use an alternative address, then participating in the Pen Pal Program may not be for you.

Will my pen pal see my email address?

Yes, when your pen pal receives your correspondence in the mail they will see the return address listed on the envelope.

None of my pen pals are writing back!

This happens sometimes. Life gets busy, mail gets lost… there are lots of reasons for not hearing back from your pen pal. Give them up to 3 weeks to reply. If you still don’t hear back, then write a follow-up “hello” postcard to prompt them to respond. Make sure the postcard has your return address. If you still don’t receive a reply, it’s safe to say you’ve done enough.

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