MODULE 3 – Become A Teacher (Section 3 – Mask Policy)

Are You Vaccinated?

Parents want to know whether or not the teachers instructing their children are fully vaccinated.

STATUS QUO: While you are not obligated to disclose your status, we appreciate your candor.

CDC GUIDELINES: Our Mask Policy will always align with what’s being recommended by the Center for Disease Control.

GO ON RECORD: Let us know whether you’re fully vaccinated or not. Admissions are 100% confidential.


Student Handbook

Follow Safety Rituals

SECTION 3.1.0 – Teacher Portal

SECTION 3.2.0 – Requirements

SECTION 3.4.0 – Where We Meet

SECTION 3.5.0 – Communication

SECTION 3.6.0 – Recruitment

SECTION 3.7.0 – Substitute Policy

SECTION 3.8.0 – Rituals, Policies & Protocols

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