MODULE 1 – Quick Overview (Section 1 – Introduction)

COVID-19 Affecting Homeschool Requirements?

Due to the current health pandemic, many states are modifying laws and rules that affect homeschooling. We’re keeping track of every change in the state of Maryland to make it easier for parents to homeschool during the pandemic and beyond.

THE FIRST STEP – You’ve taken the first step towards providing your child with a high-quality, blended education where students learn both online and offline in the real world.

Thanks for choosing HCHC and entrusting us with your child’s education. We’re a national organization headquartered in Columbia, Maryland serving Central Maryland.

Due to the COVID-19 virus, suddenly there are hundreds of millions of people homeschooling. And with restrictions awaiting students as they return to brick and mortar public and private schools, many parents are simply saying, “No thanks.” and are continuing to homeschooling to protect their children’s safety. HCHC is here to share years of experience, provide advice, and resources to help guide you along your homeschool journey.

OUR STORY – In 2014, HCHC was founded by a group of stay at home Moms who met regularly at local Howard County parks. In 2015, with 7 families to serve HCHC formally organized as a secular cooperative. The following year in 2016, HCHC incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. In 2017, HCHC was recognized as an education ministry and umbrella group certified by the Maryland State Department of Education. In the year 2020, HCHC was proud to partner with prestigious universities to add a dual-enrollment program where homeschoolers can earn an Associates Degree while still in high school.

WHAT WE OFFER – Our secular program offer faith-neutral and non-religious curriculum. There is no indoctrination. The material provided is purely supplemental education. The faith-based program includes Christian curriculum, and a dual-enrollment program for high school students interested in earning college credits. Our program includes social events and group field trips. Event details can be found on our Meetup Social Calendar.

WELCOME! – Our school culture is inclusive. We welcome families from all walks of life; from various faiths and ethnic backgrounds. Our staff welcomes your phone calls and emails. We’re here to answer your questions and make the process simple. We offer a supplemental approach that includes (1) social events, (2) field trips, and (3) supplemental courses.

OUR BALANCED METHOD – Eighty (80%) percent of instruction is delivered online with LIVE interaction from teachers once a week over the course of a 30-week, academic, school year. Twenty (20%) percent of instruction occurs in-person at actual locations throughout Central Maryland. Students meet for real-world and hands-on application of lessons and coursework. To stimulate the minds, hearts and souls of students, we visit places to bring their studies to life. -Charlotte Mason Method.

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SECTION 1.1.0 – Quick Overview

SECTION 1.2.0 – School Handbook

SECTION 1.3.0 – Socialization

SECTION 1.4.0 – Secular vs Faith-Based

SECTION 1.5.0 – Certified Curriculum

SECTION 1.6.0 – Umbrella Group