MODULE 3 – Become A Teacher (Section 6– Recruitment)

Creative, Quirky and Fun Ways to Share

One of our favorite ways to spread the word is through our rock campaign. Who doesn’t like to find a shiny, colored rock along a bike trail or walking path – especially one with a message. Let everyone know how hard HCHC Rocks! Design and drop your rocks at one of your favorite playgrounds or parks!

CLICK HERE to upload your rock creation!

SOCIAL MEDIA – Piggy-back on the approved adverts posted to our official Facebook page. Add a short 1-2 sentence blurb about your course and utilize links to track your ad’s reach. Always lead people to

PROMO CODE – When you receive your business cards, fill them in as follows:

SAVE: 10 %

CODE: WOM __ __ (add your initials)

EXPIRES: 14 days from the date you hand them out

You’ve completed Module 3
Enjoy the BONUS Video