MODULE 7 – Become A Teacher (Section 7 – HCHC Substitute Policy)

What’s Your Plan B?

Every teacher should have a back-up plan in place for substitute teaching when sick or absent from class. Send the contact information for your understudy and a copy of your curriculum to:


UNDERSTUDY – Have someone in place to teach your class in case of illness or emergency; friends and family are acceptable. Make sure that your substitute’s contact information is on file so the Administrator can contact them.

NOTICE – Submit your request for leave at least 30 days in advance. 24-hours notice is required for absences due to illness. While a phone call is appreciated, notice should be given in writing by either email or text to (240) 330-9063.

CHARGE BACK – Failure to give written notice within 24-hours can lead to a $50 Substitute Fee. A teacher who fails to show-up for class after 15-minutes past the hour can also incur this fee.

SECTION 3.1.0 – Teacher Portal

SECTION 3.2.0 – Requirements

SECTION 3.3.0 – Your Students

SECTION 3.4.0 – Curriculum

SECTION 3.5.0 – Communication

SECTION 3.6.0 – Recruitment

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